Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday is all about the experience, the participation of yet another American cultural phenomenon. It’s about forgoing sleep to stand in long lines, making strategic battle plans, and transforming discount shopping into a party with your family and friends. It’s sort of romantic, and a bit ridiculous, but that’s what makes it fun. Is that not what America stands for?

Year after year, Black Friday is promoted as the ultimate smart shoppers haven. Advertising platforms scream “THIS IS A BARGAIN OF A LIFETIME!” But does Black Friday truly live up to its reputation? In many ways, Cyber Monday is the shopping event that actually delivers what Black Friday promises.

Cyber Monday is more efficient because you can:

  1. Compare Prices: It’s easy to get into a “hysterical, must buy now” mode when there are hundreds of people competing against you. Keep in mind, retailers often mix in their everyday prices with their steeper discounts, hoping that a shopper will bite on a high-profit item and it works! Comparing prices online is the only way to guarantee the best price.
  2. Be Less impulsive: Black Friday is almost like a competition, a hunter and gatherer sort of game. The intensity of it all may inspire you to buy things you don’t actually want in order to get the savings. It’s overwhelming and hard to resist. How can anyone resist buying cheetah print scuba gear thats on an 90% sale?
  3. Shop On Your Terms: Black Friday sales tend to encourage the most hardcore, devoted deal-seekers in the community to run loose. So if you rather be in your pajamas in peace and quiet, nobody will judge you.
  4. Get Spoiled With Free Shipping: Need I say more?
  5. Shop Online with Your Friends and Family: Cartonomy transforms shopping into an interactive experience that is more rewarding than waiting on line in the middle of the night right after Thanksgiving dinner to get mediocre discounts.

Black Friday is a fun ritual, but if you’re looking for practical solution to finding real savings on your terms, celebrate Cyber Monday.

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