By Kara Vanderpool Ward



So it’s no surprise that just about every study out there shows that women, particularly mothers, are still the primary purchasers (is that a word? It is now) of the household. But, a lot of that purchasing is done via request. You know what I’m talking about. The sticky note requesting Tylenol, not acetaminophen, Tylenol. The fresh smell of the white board marker left behind from a written request for Windex, Colgate, College Ruled Paper, and Iphone chargers. Not to mention your own mental note to pick up the complete line of Oil of Olay products – you know to wipe away the lines created by bearing the brunt of being the purchaser (okay spell check says it is a word, whew.) We are a brand specific society by nature. So if we show up at home after hours of running from store to store, to acquire the requested needs and wants of life, with the wrong thing….well no amount of Oil of Olay will cover the grief you will likely ensue.


Enter Cartonomy. This new platform allows the purchaser (I think the fancy word is consumer) to collaborate with the people they shop for – aka husbands, kids, grandparents, and oh yea, themselves! They can tackle shopping as a group, check out at their favorite retailers, adding the right kind of whatever to one shared shopping cart. Wait, no more lists? NO MORE LISTS! One stop to get it all done, and everyone in the household can do the same when an item is needed. It takes no more time to add it to the shared basket then to leave the proverbial note on the fridge door.


Okay, so the old fashioned version of this was taking your kids to the store and getting to the checkout to the surprise tune of $35 extra worth of stuff you never saw going in the cart. Some wise cartologist (also not a word, also using it anyway) thought ahead. The main purchaser can view and edit the shared cart prior to checkout. Brilliant!



There you have it the nuts and bolts of how it works. So how does it really work? Well you tell me. Cartonomy is offering up a challenge, one that I’m putting to the test myself. Here’s how it works:


  • Day 1.

Congratulations! You accepted #cartonoMOMmychallenge and are now the clear front runner for mom purchaser of the year!


  • Day 1.5

Log on to Cartonomy and set up your cart. Take a look around, they offer everything you could need….E.V.E.R.


  • Day 2

Invite your family. Yes, you can, and yes they will. It’s fun, it’s social shopping. Better yet, it’s getting things done in a fraction of the time and cost. It’s time to share the love, and let others participate in the everyday shopping a household requires.


  • Day 3 – 30

Start shopping! Each time you or someone in your family adds something send us a post with #cartonoMOMmy #challengeaccepted. Tells how you used Cartonomy, what you bought, who helped, or heck even send a post of the sweet 80’s tune you were listening to while cartonomy shopping. Posting with a trendy hashtag will clearly make you look like the crazy smart tech savvy mom of the century, but it will also enter you for a weekly prize! That’s right you can get paid to shop and post. For the remainder of May, designated month of Mother’s Day, Cartonomy will randomly choose two winners a week who will receive a cartonomy gift card! Everybody loves a winner, and you, my friend, are winning already by accepting the challenge.


Now, if only they could cook dinner too….







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