What’s in it for your customers?

Cartonomy’s social shopping cart is the more collaborative and actually enjoyable way
for your customers to create, coordinate on and ultimately fulfill shopping lists.

A truly social shopping experience

Shoppers can chat about a purchase in real time

Let’s talk about it

Shoppers can chat about a purchase in real time,
reaching everyone simultaneously.

Ask the crowd

Customers can share product reviews and recommendations
with people in their network.

Stay organized

track expenses as you shop

Shop smart

Group members can easily agree on a group budget
and track their expenses as they shop

don't share passwords

Stay safe

Customers never have to share logins,
passwords or payment information again

Save Time

Resolve frustrations

Save your customers’ from disorganized ordering processes and messy shopping lists by giving each shopper a way to add items to a shared cart.

Easy check-out

Group admins can approve or edit purchase requests directly from their cart or checkout page

Easy collaborating

Cartonomy makes it easy for groups to collaborate on a shopping list and prepare a cart for check-out through a single platform.

Keep it together

Shop with friends, family or coworkers using shared carts.

Create and coordinate

Group members can add and remove items and chat about their shopping lists all in one place.

Pay however you want

Forget figuring out how to split the bill or owing people money – customers can pay as a group or split the cost without the hassle.

We asked office managers across America
to tell us about their biggest supply order frustrations.

Cartonomy provides much needed solutions for every step of the group ordering process.



Keeping track of many very specific purchase requests. Whether it was sent in an email, scribbled on a post-it note, or yelled from the next cubicle over.



37% of office managers report that an average office supply order takes more than half an hour to place! As if there’s nothing better to do.



The “post delivery blues.” Dealing with coworkers’ complaints and hostile reactions or receiving the wrong items.

Cartonomy Research Report:
Examining the attitudes of key decision makers in making office supply purchases.

Ready to sell more with social shopping?

Integrate your current shop or open a new shop, but make sure it’s a social shop! We customize features to meet your individual needs and get you selling more faster.
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