Spring has almost sprung! Soon enough, we’ll emerge from the cold of winter and enter the longer, sunnier days of Spring. As the last of the snow begins to melt, now is the time to awaken your target audience from their hibernation and get them excited about your products.

While Spring may not be the time of year when retailers have their highest amount of sales, there are a variety of ways ecommerce stores can capitalize on relevant, timely themes and trends of the season to drive more business in the coming months.


Blog About Relevant, Seasonal topics.

Think about what people do during Spring. Better yet, look at Google trends and search relevant hashtags on platforms like Instagram and Twitter to get a more accurate picture what your prospects and customers are doing and talking about. Craft your content accordingly.

Spring is associated with themes such as renewal and rebirth, strolls through the park, and finally getting out of the house to spend more time outdoors with family and friends and less time on the couch binge-watching Netflix.

Think about seasonal themes and how they may relate to your industry or products. Brainstorm how you could write blog posts about topics that address these themes in a way that relates to your audience, your brand, or the items in your store.

For example, if you sell appliances for doing work around the yard, you have a perfect opportunity to share tips about landscaping, gardening, and mowing. If you sell kitchenware, share tasty recipes for Easter goodies or Mother’s Day dinner. And if you sell craft supplies, blog about fun Easter decoration ideas or cute adornments for the Passover table. Get creative! Even if you sell something as seemingly off-season as office supplies, there are things you can do. For example, now is a great time to write about how to prepare for tax time.


Do Spring Cleaning on Your Social Media Pages

Spring conjures up imagery of pleasant things like beautiful flowers, gardening, Easter egg hunts, birds chirping, and picnics in the park. So, spruce up your social media channels with new cover photos and color themes that capture the imagery and mood of the season. Use bright, seasonal palettes that feature your store name, logo, or new items and products that are on sale. Give your profiles a Spring make-over that will not only be timely, but eye-catching and attractive as well.

Besides tailoring the aesthetic appeal of your social media pages, make sure your social media campaigns are also aligned with the season. Last year video experienced explosive growth as a medium of communication. This trend has continued unabated in 2017, so consider incorporating more video into your social strategy.

Run Facebook video ads with links that take viewers to relevant landing pages or product pages. Create vlog posts and DIY videos that present tips for using your products in Spring and demonstrate your products in action on YouTube. Post more Instagram stories and live videos related to Spring themes, holidays, and trends.

An effective social media marketing strategy and video strategy should build brand and community, engage your followers, and ultimately drive more qualified traffic to your ecommerce store.


Run Holiday-Themed Promotions and Sales.

Every season has its share of holidays and annual events on the calendar. Turn them into opportunities for themed promotions and sales.

Here are some days you can turn into online retail promotions:

First day of Spring – March 20th

Passover – April 10th

Tax Day – April 15th

Easter – April 20th

Earth Day – April 22nd

Mother’s Day – May 11th

Father’s Day – June 15th


Harness the Power of Email

Make email an integral component of your marketing strategy and use it to update customers about your seasonal offers. Contrary to what conventional wisdom may have us believe, email is far from dead. It remains a cost-effective marketing tool to reach previous and existing customers. It’s also a great way to convert leads into buyers and remarket those who have purchased from your store in the past.

Use email to inform customers about new products or additions to your inventory, seasonal promotions, and share helpful content from your other marketing channels such as your blog or social media. In your emails, include a call-to-action button that leads to a relevant landing page. Besides occasional email blasts, a regularly scheduled email newsletter with quality content is another effective way to stay in touch with customers and retain their loyalty.

Armed with these tips, it’s time to get to work and make this Spring season not only one of joyful frolics in flowery meadows, but one of growth, sales, and blossoming customer relationships.

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