The idea of a seamless, pain-free shopping trip seems like an oxymoron in many ways. To reduce our greatest grievances with much of the in-store shopping experiences we all face when heading into a crowded mall during the holidays or understocked supermarket on a Sunday, we need a “one stop shop” that solves all of these problems. To help out our fellow shoppers, we’ve gone ahead and created a list of the 10 most important tips to shopping more efficiently. Enjoy!

1) Know what you want; browsing wastes time: There’s always an occasion for browsing, but there’s something to be said for having a directed idea of what you’re looking for. Use the expansive category section on Cartonomy to easily narrow down the items you want – no more wandering through aisles aimlessly searching for what you need.

2) Collaborate with your friends and family: When friends and family are looking for a specific brand or style, or even that favorite nacho dip for the Sunday football party, allow them to be a part of the shopping process by simply inviting them to your virtual cart on Cartonomy. Nobody has to move but everybody can be involved.

3) Price compare and set your mind at ease: With Cartonomy, items are aggregated across retailers with price comparisons right in front of you. No more fretting on what store has the best price or how to find it. Instant gratification!

4) Shop in themes: Make as many dedicated carts as you want on Cartonomy in order to stay organized. This way, you can simultaneously search for items for the office holiday party, the neighborhood gift swap and the kids’ Christmas wish list and know exactly where to add each item instead of confusing all the items in one cart.

5) Set deadlines: In the morning you set an alarm to wake yourself up, so why not set an alarm for your shopping to remind you to make the purchase in a timely fashion? Never forget what you need or when you need it!

6) Prevent missing items: Sometimes we forget what it is we need, or remember to buy the dish detergent but forget paper towels. In an online space you can organize by category without walking down all the aisles.

7) Keep a running total in your head: It’s easy to get carried away when throwing things into your cart, but with an electronic total racking up as you add items, there is no concern about getting to the register and being blown away by your costs. This helps set expectations and allows modifications as you go.

8) Avoid the worst shopping times/hours: Don’t step foot in the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon or the mall the week before Christmas. It will be a madhouse and add insult to injury for your shopping experience.

9) Skip the line: Hate waiting in long checkout lines? Avoid the hassle with Cartonomy’s easy checkout process, which lists out every item in your shopping cart by retailer.

10) Shop online: Our bottom line? Avoid the chaotic and cluttered in-store experience when you can and do it all in less time with just a few clicks of your mouse. In other words, Cartonomy is your go-to!

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