Time is ticking, but express shipping offers are everywhere. If you order today (MAYBE tomorrow) here’s a few things that will arrive just in time!

What makes people feel loved?

You can give her/him a box of chocolates or a card, but isn’t that a little like a drop in the ocean?

Has your significant other talked about wanting to start reading more, or working on a hobby — the right gift might make that aspiration seem validated, and you’ll come off as a great listener.

Try this kindle/paperwhite…

Kindle Paperwhite

Trending Fashions

Show her that you’re up to date on current styles by gifting the latest trends in beauty accessories.  These three from BeautyBar.com are sure to impress.

Gel Lab Ren Rose Balm


Don’t be afraid to be practical.

He/she will appreciate your down-to-earth, levelheaded, bottom line approach to shopping and you’ll show that you care enough to attend to real life. These tech gadgets will show your love all year long.


Everyday Goodness

Is there something he/she uses every day that’s getting kinda worn down?  A bookbag or travel mug that looks like it’s ready for the swag graveyard?  Get a new one in his/her favorite color or style and show that YOU’VE GOT THIS.

Good luck, and have a great day!


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