Now that the holiday season is behind us, it’s safe to admit it: as magical a time as it may be, it can be stressful and overwhelming for retailers and customers alike. Store owners struggle to predict trends, manage inventory, provide competitive prices, and keep up with orders, while customers suffer from insane crowds, disorganized lists, and a never ending stream of confusing sales.

Sound familiar? Well, we at Cartonomy have some great news for you: 2016 will be better! This year, Cartonomy will become a universal social shopping tool that retailers of all types can take advantage of – so business owners: listen up!

So what is Cartonomy?

Cartonomy is an e-commerce platform that answers the demand for a smarter, hassle-free approach to group shopping online. We streamline the way users shop together socially, providing a collaborative and enjoyable way to create, coordinate and ultimately fulfill shopping lists.

How does Cartonomy benefit retailers?

Whether you want to expand your existing e-commerce or break into the market for the first time, our collaborative platform helps you sell more of your products by making it easier for groups to shop together.

Our social cart not only brings more customers to your store, but it also eliminates the frustrating barriers that often stand between potential customers and their purchases – like disorganized lists and splitting the bill. And don’t worry! Integrating your inventory and payment systems with Cartonomy is easy, fast and completely secure for both you and your customers.

We also offer your brand increased exposure, including advertising opportunities across Cartonomy channels and a space where customers can conveniently share product reviews with people in their network.

What features does Cartonomy offer customers?

Users simply create a network where each member can edit the joint shopping list, browse the online store, add or remove items from the shared cart, and choose whether they want to pay as a group or split the bill. It’s that simple. Groups can stay organized, track their expenses and live chat about their purchases, reaching everyone simultaneously.

So whether friends are pooling together to buy a gift, families are coordinating their weekly grocery shopping, colleagues are ordering office supplies, or roommates are having dinner delivered from their favourite restaurant, our social shopping cart keeps things quick and simple.

So what’s next?

We can’t wait for an incredible year of helping businesses grow bigger and customers shop smarter. Integrate your current shop or open a new shop, but make sure it’s a social shop! We customize features to meet your individual needs and get you selling more faster.

So what are you waiting for? Hop in the cart.


Cartonomy is a product of Retry, a New York based provider of enterprise software for the e-commerce industry.


Jack Lowinger

Jack Lowinger

Jack is an entrepreneur and social research specialist with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. He is also the founder and CEO of Cartonomy.
Jack Lowinger

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