Is your online store anti-social?

Cartonomy helps you expand your e-commerce, connect with customers,
and sell more stuff!

Enhance your existing business

Take your online store to the next level by introducing our social shopping cart, allowing your customers to browse, shop and buy together.

Set up a new store

Stand out in a competitive market by offering our social shopping features from day one.

More people buy more products

Higher sales volume

Bring more people to your online store by giving your customers a way to shop together.

Higher sales margins

Sell more big ticket items by making it easy for your customers to share the cost of products they wouldn’t buy alone

No more abandoned carts

Cartonomy’s unique collaborative platform makes sure the intention to shop does not get abandoned – which means more sales for you!

Get your name out there

Cartonomy expands the reach of your inventory to group shoppers across America.

In-store referrals

Customers shopping together have an easy way to chat about your products.

New customers

Shoppers can refer your products to others while shopping, bringing you new customers at the point of sale


Cartonomy advertises your shop across our marketing channels for increased exposure. We are in this together.

Keep it simple

Effortless inventory management

Organize and update your online store with our easy-to-use system.

Hassle-free online storage

Host your store in the Cartonomy cloud, so you don’t have to manage and pay for a separate server.

Painless payment network

Easily integrate your current POS or e-commerce platform with our payment systems.

Trust is key

keep customer’s personal information private

Advanced security

Keep your customer’s personal and payment information private with the latest security technology.

Customer satisfaction

Create a convenient shopping experience with direct engagement at the point of sale.

Ready to sell more with social shopping?

Integrate your current shop or open a new shop, but make sure it’s a social shop! We customize features to meet your individual needs and get you selling more faster.
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