By Kara Vanderpool Ward

I live in a state that is home to the most United States Presidents. It’s a fact that is never forgotten. As a child, each year you take field trips to various historical sites, battlefields, and presidential boyhood homes to revisit the beginnings of our great nation. We also have a particular vernacular here where we speak of these great men, not in the past, and not necessarily in the present. Rather it’s some weird paradigm in time, that to an outsider, might make them think James Madison himself was in fact at last nights cocktail party and Mr. Jefferson was bringing a quiche to Sunday brunch.


All joking aside, it gives you an amazing perspective on the history of the nation and those who formed it. Our founding fathers were not only innovative, intelligent, fearless, but they were also family men, and business owners. If you think about it that is the very definition of what so many of us aspire to be.


The ability to create an innovative new product, or company is only ours thanks to the foundation laid by our founding fathers. So on this Independence Day, let’s salute all the everyday pioneers of main street America. To all who get up every day and work to move their companies forward for the good of their employees, and the good of their customers.


Mr. Washington will be so happy to hear about how far commerce in the country has come should he be at tomorrow’s block party.

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