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Like clockwork, the chilly autumn breeze is a reminder that your wardrobe needs a facelift. Once the new season hits, you blankly stare into the closet and genuinely think, “OK this time it’ll be different.” You glance at your reflection and start yelling, “I will organize my closet and keep it that way.. FOREVER”. Of course it only lasts a few weeks and then your good ol’ self starts to peek through like a dandelion on freshly cut lawn. Part of you wants to throw everything out, go on a massive shopping spree and just be fabulous, but then you quickly become discouraged after looking at your bank statement. BREATHE, these five steps can help deal with clutter related stress.

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  • Tackle the obvious – Now, I don’t want to generalize, but the cluster of what once used to make any pinterest junkie proud has slowly transformed into chaotic jungle of shame. It’s often hard to find where to start without having a mini meltdown. Take a deep breath and begin with what’s in front of you–start folding or laundering. Create a new throwaway pile (anything you haven’t worn for over 12 months) and categorize the clothes by season.
  • Donate – Obviously, by throwaway pile, I mean donation pile (unless the garments in question are stained or too smelly). Clothing donation funds that I am particularly keen on include The Salvation Army, Housing Works, and Good Will.
  • Categorize in Style – Just because you have to organize does not mean you can’t be fabulous. CONTAINERS ARE MAGICAL CONTRAPTIONS. Keep last seasons clothes in the reject corner aka under the bed! Why collect dust bunnies when you can store last seasons dresses with Target’s fantastic “ Under Bed Chest”.
  • Be Kind to Your Wallet – Budget-conscious fashionistas are the best kind of fashionistas. Last season Target collaborated with Phillip Lim and damn, that collection was on fire. Practically a steal when you can get an almost identical $2000 bag for $50!! This season its Joseph Altuzarra and its a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.
  • Be Efficient – Cartonomy can help make it easier to buy anything online, for you and your friends, family, roommates or coworkers. Whether its toiletries, eau de toilette, or toilet paper– Start this season organized and be on top of everything. Use Cartonomy.

Use these tips and don’t let the falling leaves stress you out! Fall cleaning is upon us, and in the same way wearing glasses makes us feel smarter, organizing closets should gives you that fleeting — but nonetheless intoxicating — feeling that you’re on top of the game.

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