Welcome to Cartonomy – your social shopping experience is just beginning! Free to sign-up for and easy to use, Cartonomy is a one stop shop (pun intended) focused on fulfilling group shopping lists at the best price possible. With access to thousands of products from some of the biggest and most popular retailers – including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Sears and Drugstore.com – Cartonomy takes the frustration out of placing a group order online, connecting social communities and helping you save time and money on purchases.

You may not be aware, but there are a number of situations in which collaborative group shopping carts would save you a great amount of time, money and stress. Looking for the best back to school deals? No problem. Planning a surprise birthday party? We’ve got you covered. And as you’re getting started with Cartonomy, a friendly tip: creating group names for your shopping carts can be as informative (or playful) as you wish, ranging from an “Office” group amongst coworkers to purchase supplies, to an “Ultimate Weekend Crew” group for planning a weekend getaway with family and friends. Whatever the occasion, Cartonomy makes it easy for groups to collaborate on a shopping list, locating a variety of items from multiple different retailers and scoring the best value through a helpful price comparison feature.

Now let’s take a deeper look into the key features of Cartonomy:

  • Collaborative group shopping: Once you’ve registered with Cartonomy, you may choose to create a group or join an existing group to begin adding items to a shopping cart. Groups are made up of two types of members: admins and other members. As an admin, you are in charge of inviting members to join your particular group, adding new shopping carts, and placing the final checkout order. Before submitting an order, admins can review all of the items in the cart, as well as add, delete or move products to different carts. Non-admin members simply shop to add items to a cart, and can also ask for a cart to be added to a group.
  • Price comparison: While shopping, click the “Details” tab to list the features and a price comparison between retailers of the item you’re searching, bringing out your inner bargain-shopper. If the item you’ve selected is offered at more than one retailer, a handy “Compare Prices” option appears under the item. Since we’re shoppers, too, we know the satisfaction felt when getting the best price possible! At the point at which you’re nearing checkout (and ultimate victory), you can view all your cart’s items — by retailer — on the checkout page.
  • Setting deadlines: Cartonomy is set up to help manage all of your shopping preferences, deadlines and goals, so if placing an urgent order, you can give your cart an expiration date to remind you and fellow group members to add items and check out in a timely fashion. The best part? Members will be notified via email if and when the “Back to School” or “June Trip to Maui” cart(s) are close to expiration. If the cart’s expiration date is fast approaching and you haven’t crossed everything off the group’s list, the admin can change the expiry date. Cartonomy is the shopping cart that thinks for you, reminding you and fellow members of shopping deadlines so you don’t have to.
  • Personalized chat function: Within groups, Cartonomy allows you to post messages and chat with fellow group members, fostering the social aspect of the shopping experience. Want to clarify the brand of pen a co-worker requested? Send him/her a message. Unsure of how many beach chairs for that weekend in the Hamptons? No problem, you can deal with it all in one place.

Create a group. Invite people to shop. Add items to a cart. Compare prices. Review and edit the cart. Check out. With Cartonomy, it’s that easy. Save money, save time and be social – we welcome you to a shopper’s paradise.

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